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Haz Com

This section of the employee web site is dedicated to the Hazardous Communications training module.  Note:  all of the material posted here is done so with the permission of SafetyHead, Inc.

Document Title

Document Description


Powerpoint Presentation (click here if you need to download a Powerpoint viewer)

Doc 1

Safety Training Log

Doc 2

Hazardous Communications Safety Test

Doc 3

Hazardous Communications Reference Card

Doc 4

Hazardous Communications site program

Doc 5

Chemical Inventory Log

OSHA Standard

OSHA - Haz-Com Standard

OSHA - Haz Com Summary

OSHA - Hazardous Communications Summary

OSHA - Label

OSHA - Quick Card Label

OSHA - Pictograms

OSHA - Quick Card Pictograms

OSHA - Safety Data Sheets

OSHA - Safety Data Sheets

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